About Us


The Brazil family are traditional south country Romany Gypsies who have retained an interest in the culture and long established customs of their ancestors. This includes the skills and crafts needed to build or repair the wagons once lived in by many Travellers. The use of wagons as living accommodation declined after the Second World War to the extent that they are now almost extinct and can usually only be found in collections or museums. Over the years the Brazils have worked on wagons and built a considerable reputation for their craftsmanship.  They have built a Burton type wagon from scratch and have several preservation projects to complete.  It was their wish to help the general public gain a better understanding of Romany culture by enabling their wagons to be viewed and inspired the forming of the South East Romany Museum. All are welcome to arrange visits by going to the contact us page.  The Museum has already had many visitors not only from the locality but from throughout the UK and from other countries.

Museum Facilities

The museum has a meeting room suitable to cater for artists, groups, school groups (max 25 pupils) etc. On display in the room are pictures videos and, dvd's of Gypsy history and culture.

We also give demonstrations of

Wagon building

Wheel making

Restoring wagons and wagon painting

Talks on the Romany way of life

Community Visits

The Brazils are also prepared to take their culture to the community. They have a history of visiting schools and Roma heritage events where they transport a wagon or two and set up a camp in the traditional Romany way and invite the community to visit them. They are prepared to present their way of life and answer any questions regarding Roma or Romany culture.  If you are interested in such a venture please see the contact us page for our details.

Visits taking restored wagons to schools and other groups can be arranged from 100.00 per visit plus expenses to cover mileage.


If you have any items of Romany interest that you would consider donating or loaning to the museum please contact us.